Cleric consoles Gumbo residents after nights of unrest

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[Juba, South Sudan, TCT] Pastor Salah Angelo Lokoyome, of the Africa Inland Church-South Sudan on Sunday last week, appealed to the residents of Gumbo to remain tolerant amidst nights of killings and robberies in the neighborhood.

Gumbo and Sherikat localities, South west of the national capital Juba, have been experiencing mounting frequent night robberies coupled with the recent killing of the senior government official who was residing in that location.

Addressing the crowd at AIC Gumbo local church, Ps. Salah Angelo, said God was aware of all the predicaments the people of South Sudan were going through day and night, saying; let the resurrection of Jesus Christ bring a new beginning to those troubled by the conflict and insecurity.

“God knows what you are going through. You have to remain, tolerant, hopeful and putting in mind that there is no permanent situation. God will change this situation in his own time”, Salah said.

He urged the crowd to forgive and pray for those who always do wrong to others whether intentionally or under devil’s influence. “Christ himself forgave those who nailed him on the cross. It is our virtue as Christians that we must forgive those who always do wrong to us. Jesus Christ who did nothing wrong was condemned to death by the Jews while Barabbas the murderer was set free”, he stated.

Pastor Salah said most of the South Sudanese misunderstood the real meaning of Easter festival, appealing to the faithful to forgive the past and pray for peace and stability of the country. He stressed the importance of emulating the characteristics of Jesus Christ in the times of trouble.

“Most of our people misinterpreted the real meaning of the Easter feast. If you go around, you would find very many people loitering under the influence of alcohol saying they are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Easter is not about eating and drinking; it is about victory over death”, he added.

Meanwhile, Deacon Emmanuel Sebit asked the multitude to turn away from evil practices and begin living the life that pleases God.
Sebit entreated the faithful to embrace peace and unity.

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